The Lily Pad

Embracing hope, empowering transformation

A safe place for fresh beginnings

A soft landing pad to help keep expectant mothers afloat

It’s not just a shelter, it’s a home


The Lily Pad is a safe haven for pregnant women seeking refuge. Whether they’re pregnant without stable housing, facing pressure to have an abortion and need a supportive home, or expecting and seeking a fresh start after an abusive relationship, our long-term program supports mothers and their children. Together, we can help women cultivate a solid, empowered foundation to overcome challenges and flourish.

Personal Growth​

We offer classes to equip mothers with the skills they need to face the world with confidence. At The Lily Pad, women can develop their cooking and financial skills, build healthy relationships, and cultivate a spiritual foundation for a positive future for themselves and their baby.

Empowering Mothers​

Pregnancy can feel overwhelming. We offer parenting and child development classes to answer questions and help expectant mothers feel capable and qualified to raise their baby.

A safe place for new beginnings

There’s a reason lilies symbolize resilience, strength, and transformation. Looking at a muddy pond, you might not realize that something beautiful is growing just below the surface. When life seems murky and uncertain, The Lily Pad provides a safe landing place for women to rise up, get their footing, and bloom.


The Lily Pad helps women rise above confusion and fear with safe, caring, non-judgmental support. We can be a safe haven through the pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum  journey.


We provide opportunities to develop the life skills women need for a successful future. The Lily Pad offer classes in cooking, managing finances, healthy relationships, and spiritual development.


The Lily Pad empowers women to discover that they are stronger than they think. We offer the resources and support expectant mothers need to face their beautiful journey with confidence.


Looking for a way to support and empower new and expectant mothers in difficult situations? Partner with The Lily Pad to help women build the foundations for successful futures.

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Embrace Hope

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